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Carrie Lobman and Matthew Lundquist are the Authors of Unscripted Learning: Using Improv Activities Across the K-8 Curriculum.

Carrie Lobman, EdD is Assistant Professor of Education at The Graduate School of Education, Rutgers University. She is the director of the Developing Teachers Fellowship Program at the East Side Institute. Send an email to Carrie

Monday, June 4, 2007

Developmental Learning for All!

As both Matthew and I have said before, one of the most important and least talked about educational discoveries in recent years is that much of the achievement gap between rich and poor kids can be attributed to the cultural experiences that middle and upper middle class kids get outside of school. This is clearly not a secret to upper-middle class and wealthy parents, as can be seen in Alison Cowan's article in the New York Times (Schools Deep Pocketed Partners). This article discusses the role played by wealthy parents in school districts across the country who are forming private foundations to raise money to bring among other things theatre, sports, greenhouses, music, dance, mountain bikes etc into the schools in their towns.

Unscripted Learning is our attempt to open that secret up to everyone, rich and poor, urban and suburban--real learning, developmental learning, requires that children be involved in and exposed to human creativity and culture. The well-off have always known this, but if we are to do anything about the achievement gap between rich and poor then we need to bring that kind of learning to all children. While the article discussed ways in which these foundations are working to serve all the children in their suburban districts--both the well off and the not quite so well off, our goal is to bring creativity into even the poorest school in the poorest district in the country.

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Phil Terry said...

The stories shared by the New York City Teachers in your "Teaching Fellowship" program yesterday at your workshop (June 9, 2007 in New York) were inspiring.

These teachers seem to be doing just what you say above: closing the achievement gap by bringing a richer learning experience to classrooms in the Bronx, Brooklyn and all over the city.